John McGrath – Lanterns EP

15 Sep

An interesting four track EP by Liverpool-based guitarist, John McGrath:

John uses atmospheric electronica effects over his atmospheric and folksy fingerstyle playing. Worth a listen.

You can buy the album on bandcamp, here.


Catch-up Interview with Jon Gomm

26 Aug

Jon Gomm, one of the most virtuosic and fiercely independent artists in the acoustic fingerstyle scene,  is about to release his new album, Secrets Nobody Keeps . We decided to have a short interview and catch up with his progress after his viral success with Passionflower.

How has your music and perspective evolved since your huge success with Passionflower?

My music has changed because my life has changed. I’ve been through some real emotional turmoil – I never courted fame at all, and that’s because I didn’t want it, so having a little bit of it thrust upon me has been a headfuck. Some of my new songs reflect that, there’s an element of catharsis but also an element of self-support. Some songs are dark and confessional, some songs are little messages of hope and strength.

Could you give us some insight into the creative process for your new album, and what listeners should expect?

Songwriting happened on the road mostly, and then I’m recording everything at home. But the mixing process is being done by an awesome producer called Whiskas. His background has nothing to do with fingerstyle acoustic guitar music, so his mixes are sounding nothing like what I would have done. Basically he can do magic with reverb and it sounds like clouds exploding.


Guy Buttery launches long awaited live recording

15 Jul


South African fingerstyle guitar giant Guy Buttery, proudly announces the launch of his first live  album. For over a decade, the South African Music Award winning musician has sealed the deal with fans around the globe with his idiosyncratic and powerful live shows. This July, the artist described as a “one man guitar orchestra” presents a live performance on CD and begins to promote the album. ‘Live in KwaZulu’ is a gathering of masterworks set before a live audience and strongly reaffirms Guy Buttery’s unique place in the world of guitar heroes today.

Recorded over two nights at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the album showcases Guy Buttery’s  further explorations in instrumentation and innovative soundscapes. ‘Live in KwaZulu’ features, for the first time on CD, his vivid interpretation of Joanna Newsom’s “The Book of Right  On” and his much loved musical saw classic “Smithfield” (also known as “Martian Folk Song”). His life-long musical partner, Nibs van der Spuy performs on 2 of the 11 tracks.For many years, the public have asked Guy Buttery to make a live album and in 2013 he decided  to make the project come alive. “In many ways, I’ve been afraid. In a live environment there’s no way to get it just right.” says Guy. “When you make music in front of an audience, there’s an energy, certain dynamics, a feel, a collective experience. This isn’t the studio. It’s real.”

Through the depth of his compositions and the tangible soul of the music ‘Live in KwaZulu’ captures an artist live at work. This year one of South African’s most talented and loved musicians will be promoting his new album throughout South Africa, UK, USA and Canada.

Live in KwaZulu’ is available on a limited edition CD digipack and on digital download at , and on iTunes.

Interview/Masterclass : Mike Dawes

8 Mar

A short interview and percussive guitar lesson from Mike Dawes and Justin Sandercoe of
Very useful for people starting out with this style!


Tim Reynolds – Betrayal

1 Mar

Did you know that the lead guitarist for Dave Matthews Band also has a solo acoustic project?
Here’s a killer song called Betrayal.

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