The New Wave of Acoustic Guitar(NWOAG for short) refers to the recent surge of modern solo acoustic guitar, perhaps best represented by Andy McKee’s spectacular success on Youtube. It’s a whole generation of players building on the work of guitarists like Michael Hedges and Preston Reed, to name a few… Thanks to the technology of our times, this (relatively) new style of playing has reached a much wider audience than it ever did in the 80′s and 90′s.

This blog is an attempt to carve a little space where fans and players of this style of music can get together and share ideas to keep exploring new techniques and ideas. The focus will be on acoustic players that use alternative techniques or are using the acoustic guitar in creative and unexpected ways. But as you already know, the lines in music and art are usually blurry, so bear with us…

*Yes, that’s a reference to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.