Bandcamp Roundup

30 Mar

I’ve done a couple of YouTube roundups so far, but I thought it’d be interesting to search through Bandcamp and see if I found anything interesting. Well, I did.

For those that don’t know, Bandcamp is a site that let’s artist’s easily sell their music (I use it myself). You’ll find finished albums, demos, home recordings and everything in between, but it’s a great place to find good independent music. Here’s what I found:

Julian Kleiss – he’s from Austria, plays a nylon-string, and very well! I was immediately struck by his musicality.


Geordie Little – another nylon-stringer, this time from Australia. His music has a more experimental vibe to it which I like.


Maxwell Hahn – unfortunately not much info here. Seems like a home recording, but great playing all the same. Hope to hear more from this guy!


and finally, Erick Moffet – some beautiful tunes from Montreal.

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