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New Jon Gomm Single – Ain’t Nobody

13 Feb

Jon Gomm just released his latest single in the Domestic Science Single Series, an instrumental cover of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody.” Needless to say, it grooves.

You can download it on his website, a percentage of what you pay goes to STEPS. Jon also has quite a busy tour schedule ahead of him, be sure to check out if he’s coming to your country.

Interview With Jon Gomm: Part 2

6 Feb

Continuing from the first part, Jon talks about his gear, marketing yourself as an independent musician, and his plans for 2012.


Interview With Jon Gomm: Part 1

1 Feb

If you haven’t heard of Jon Gomm yet, you will soon. After building an audience through constant touring in the UK and Europe, his video for Passionflower has recently gone viral, reaching a whole new global audience.

I asked Jon for an interview and he suggested doing it on Skype. We ended up talking for almost an hour and touched on a lot of topics, so I decided to split the interview in two parts.

In the first part Jon talks about the response to Passionflower, his influences, and his songwriting process. We also talked a bit about Passionflower itself. The second part will deal with Jon’s gear, marketing as an indie musician, and his plans for the rest of the year.