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Usman Riaz – Circus in the Sky

24 Aug

I’ll go right out and say it: I’m jealous of Usman Riaz. At 21, he’s backed by a major label (and their budget) and can pretty much follow his muse.  The result of that freedom is his first full-length album Circus in the Sky, a concept album about a Lost Boy and his journey through life.


Johannes Rath – From Heart to Sky

10 Aug

Johannes Rath plays a tinkered hybrid of guitar, harp and multiple kalimbas used in conjunction with an array of digital effects. With it he creates music that invites rather than demands your attention, providing the listener with ample time and space to enter in slowly, like easing into mineral hot springs.


Maneli Jamal – The Lamaj Movement

6 Jul

Aside from making wonderful music on his guitar, one of the reasons many are attracted to Maneli Jamal’s music is the story of his family’s journey. For his second album The Lamaj Movement, Maneli decided to tell that story through music.


Max Roest – Tonewood

11 Jun

Listening to Max Roest’s debut album Tonewood, I get the feeling I’m listening to a true student of the acoustic guitar. Somebody who has analyzed and studied all the greats and added their ideas and techniques to his toolbox. I hear McKee, Ross Emmanuel, Hedges and others, but undoubtedly there’s also a unique voice bubbling to the surface.


Michael Garfield – Golden Hour: A Cyberacoustic Summer Daydream

24 May

Currently based in Austin, Texas, Michael Garfield uses his acoustic guitar and effect pedals to create a psychedelic world of sound. His latest release, Golden Hour: A Cyberacoustic Summer Daydream, is a collection of live improvisations taken from three different concerts.


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