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Tony Haven – Sun Set to Rise

4 May

Tony Haven is a lap-style guitarist from the UK who just released his second full-length album Sun Set to Rise. It’s always refreshing to listen to a guitarist that not only plays great music, but also does it in ways which make you wonder how exactly he’s pulling it off!


Don Ross – Upright and Locked Position

26 Apr

Don Ross returns with his 14th solo album. This time around he revisits some songs from his first three albums from 20+ years ago, along with some new originals. It’s always interesting to see how artists take on earlier works.


Kelly Valleau – Vol. 2

29 Mar

Kelly Valleau returns with another collection of covers and originals, this time on steel-string acoustic.


Sergio Altamura – Blu

27 Feb

The first word that comes to my mind when listening to Sergio Altamura’s Blu is ‘cinematic.’ To be honest, I don’t even think of it as a guitar album. It’s just really beautiful and evocative music.


Forastiere: From 1 to 8

15 Feb

During my interview with Jon Gomm we got to talking about other guitarists, and when Pino Forastiere came up, he referred to him as one of a few guitarists he considers to have “perfect technique.” After listening to From 1 to 8 I can see why.


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