Profiles: Oscar Mendez

16 Nov

Oscar Mendez is a guitarist from Colombia who finished his debut album Lone Spirit this year. His music has a smooth easy-going feel to it with a great sense of melody.

Main influence: During my musical formation I was always open to any genres, in order to get everything that was interesting and original out of it. I have a long list of masters who have influenced me, like Tommy Emmanuel, Don Ross, Greg Howe, Yngwie Malmsteem, Jason Becker and Steve Vai. They all inspired me in a big way.

Guitars/equipment: Nowadays a play with a very simple and practical setup which still allows me to play with a good sound in public. I use a Takamine Ef 341 Sc and play it through a Bose L1.

Preferred tunings: I’m very traditional with tunings, but the ones I use most are drop-D, open-G and standard tuning.

If you could have everybody listen to one track you’ve recorded, which one would it be? Check out my song “Lights in the Sky”, track 7 from my album Lone Spirit.

Listen to more on YouTube and Soundcloud. If you’d like to get a copy of Lone Spirit you can get in touch with Oscar on YouTube or Facebook.

Acoustic Labs – James Bond Theme

15 Nov

Acoustic Labs expands on the 007/James Bond theme in his unique ethereal style.


Announcing the NWOAG Forums!

14 Nov

When I started this page, my intention was for it to be more than just a blog, but also a community. A place where everybody who plays or is interested in percussive/modern/whatever-you-want-to-call-it acoustic guitar-playing can get together and talk about it. So I decided to take the first step in that direction by opening the NWOAG Forums.

For now I’m leaving it as one big general forum. I’ll let the nature of the discussion dictate if it’s worthwhile to make categories.

All guitarists are welcome to share their music, but please join in the conversation as well. Remember this is not just a place where people might hear your music, but also an oppurtunity to interact with possible/existing fans.

Have fun.

Gareth Pearson – Run SB Run

13 Nov

More from the new Gareth Pearson album. This tune reminds me of Fleetwood Mac for some reason.

Guy Buttery – Half a Decade

12 Nov

I’ve posted Guy Buttery’s music a few times already, but I just had to share this song. Guy’s one of those guitarists who don’t let the chops distract from the music. Watch for the part where he adds a capo and switches to lap-style. Nice.

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